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Mood Board How-to & Template

It's time to get creative and have fun! Download my free how-to guide with template here.


Head over to Pinterest, because this is just the thing they are great at, and check out some wonderful examples of mood boards. Scroll away and be inspired!

How to Prepare for a Brand Identity Mood Board

How to Prepare for a Brand Identity Mood Board

Ever wonder how a creative agency curates their brand identity mood boards? or even what a mood board is used for? In this video, Melina, a Designer at Farm Design, breaks down what mood boards are and what they are used to accomplish when working on a brand identity project. She also shares 3 techniques we use here at Farm Design to be efficient in preparing to generate a range of mood board ideas. We understand that mood boards can be done in many different ways. But the key takeway here is the strategic, critical thinking behind your preparation process before diving into creative! We hope you use these techniques for your next project and they help you create some rad mood boards! 00:51 What is a mood board? 01:56 Technique #1: Review Your Research & Provided Materials 02:48 Technique #2: Be Selective About Your Playing Pieces 04:02 Technique #3: Streamline Your File Organization Some Sites We Love to Grab Inspo From: Pinterest: Designspiration: Dribbble: BP&O: Mindsparkle Mag: Subscribe and be a part of our pack! – Follow us: Instagram: Twitter: Sign-up for our newsletter: — Curious about our client work? Behance: Website: Instagram: — Do Good Work is a creative platform by branding studio Farm Design that shares knowledge through experiences and life lessons to inspire growth. We exercise a growth mindset that allows us to understand that everything we do is part of a bigger journey. It is this mindset that allows us to create good work. We believe that life is better when you do good work.
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