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SO You Know What YOU Can PROMISE

Laura Bull is an inspiring bestselling author and brand strategist who specializes in transforming people into competitive and sustainable business brands. Working for decades with global superstars, she combines classic branding methods with human psychology to help entrepreneurs develop authentic brand identities that connect with audiences. Have you been wondering why your marketing strategy hasn't been successful? Do you need help clarifying the intersection where your product, image, and narrative meet? Let Laura and her creative team give you clarity and confidence by working with you to establish your unique brand identity.


Amazon Bestseller in Marketing (Audible)

Amazon Bestseller in Direct Marketing

Amazon Bestseller in Home-Based Business Advertising 

Amazon Bestseller in Public Relations

Amazon Bestseller in Media & Communications Industry 

Amazon Bestseller in Market Research Business


Do you have a sustainable, enduring brand?


Is your business easy to recognize by your target clients, or do they see it as “just like the other products out there”?


The concept of “brand” has been so elusive because of modern marketing.


But in From Individual to Empire, best-selling author and brand strategist Laura Bull will show you the psychological factors to create a cohesive brand.


Inside the book you’ll go through the Personalized Brand Matrix: a simple step-by-step process to create a brand statement your customers can instantly understand, recognize, and connect with. Each step of the Brand Matrix is equipped with proven exercises for you to create a successful, authentic brand.


On top of that, you’ll learn invaluable lessons such as:

  • The specific steps to create a unique narrative that makes you stand out from your competitors

  • The 5 P’s of a successful influencer: use these to thrive as an entrepreneur and communicate your business with ease

  • The positive psychology tools to sustain your brand for years to come

  • How to infuse certain traits into your brand to make it more authentic and striking

Filled with real-life stories and entertaining examples ranging from politics to pop culture, From Individual to Empire will shape how you think about your brand and your future.

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Shawn Achor
NYTimes best-selling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

With small steps, big changes can occur. In this book, Laura shows you how to step by step cultivate and articulate not only a successful personal brand but an authentic and powerful one.

Jim Loehr
World renowned performance psychologist and bestselling author

Engaging and informative this book is a treasure trove of golden nuggets.

Tom Baldrica
Former Vice President of Marketing, Sony Music Nashville

Laura Bull has achieved something remarkable. As the youngest executive to ever work for Sony Music Nashville, she discovered early on what it really takes to establish an artist as a brand. Now she takes her knowledge to teach others how to build their own powerful and authentic brand.

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