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We are a branding and marketing agency committed to building authentic and engaging brand empires by balancing traditional and modern strategies for entrepreneurs and public figures. Make your story stand out with The Brand Management Co.

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Marketing is what you want to say for the next  twenty days

Branding is what you want to say for the next  twenty years

Our Story

Here at The Brand Management Co. we do things a little differently than you're used to. Whether you are a television personality, actor, musician, national icon, or an entrepreneur with an established or startup business, around here the people come first. That is why the story always comes first.


​We don't just jump into creating a website or an advertising campaign like so many other agencies, as that sets you up for failure. Instead, TBMCo. digs in deep at the start, and with full transparency, brings you into our brand identity process. With our simplified steps, you'll learn how the brand is developed and how to control your brand story for years to come - no matter what is happening in the marketplace (economy or pandemics) or internally (product expansions or company changes).


Think of us like a trusted confidant. We will be direct and honest, always have your back, and strive to make the branding and marketing process a fun and enjoyable experience. ​

Read more about how our Founder and CEO, Laura Bull, took the same strategies we follow every day, and turned them into a critically acclaimed bestseller.

Book Surprise Laura Bull

We work with Superstars and future Superstars

The Brand Management Co. helps individuals and businesses realize their dreams of building authentic and successful business empires across the world. All services are customized to fit each client's specific business goals and needs. Please take a minute to review everything we have to offer your business and click on the headers to find out more about each service.

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Implementation

  • Rebrands

  • Brand Awareness Campaigns

  • Brand Maintenance

  • Product Launches

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Crisis Management

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Grassroots, Experiential, and Direct-to-Consumer Campaigns

  • Product Development

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Audits & Analytics

  • Website Builds & SEO

  • Content Creation

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Narrative Creation/Copywriting

  • Editing/Proofreading

  • Graphic Design

Rana Lustyan
Rana Lustyan

Laura was superb at translating her deep knowledge of branding to my e-commerce consumer packaged food business. Working with Laura to strengthen our brand messaging and brand identity resulted in a solid vision and path forward for our revamped strategy.

Dr. Kim Foster
Dr Kim Foster

You've given me SO much clarity with my brand strategy and the direction I'm going to be heading in. I feel like I know exactly what I need to do for the next 12 months (at least)...and I'm so excited to execute all these plans together with my team!

Tony Justice
Tony  Justice

If you want "normal" marketing, that's up to you. But, if you want to go above and beyond with marketing, then I highly recommend Laura and her team. To put it into words my audience understands, they are the Chuck Norris of marketing and branding.


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Did you already purchase a previous edition of the book? We don't want you to miss out on any new content, so grab your All Access password and head over to the exclusive portal where we break down how our client, The Impact Crowd, infuses their values into their brand. As an investment crowdfunding platform with a focus on ESG and Impact Investing, they have a clear mission to help impact-conscious businesses looking to raise funds. If this sounds like you and your business, head over to their website to learn more.

Ever wonder what makes household names like Oprah, Ellen, or Beyoncé so powerful? It’s all about influencer branding, and Laura Bull will tell you everything you need to know.

Bull spent ten years with Sony Music Entertainment, becoming one of the company's youngest executives and spearheading artist development and marketing for globally recognized brands. She is an expert who specializes in transforming entrepreneurs into viable brands and teaching what it takes to become a powerful "influencer."

Whether you are an artist, blogger, performer, politician, author, or entrepreneur, this book will change the way you think about your “brand” and your future.

Bull marries positive psychology principles with traditional branding strategies and reveals her revolutionary Brand Matrix that will have you soaring past personal branding into the very different world of influencer branding.

This intelligent, breezy read provides tools, exercises, and additional resources that offer real-world support to tackle your own engaging, competitive, and authentic brand identity.

Entertaining examples from pop culture and politics round out this book that can truly take you from individual to empire.

Zuri Hall Crop
Zuri Hall

From the moment I picked up Laura's book I was hooked... she clearly gets personal branding. From Individual to Empire is a fun, informative read that left me feeling even more empowered when it came to taking my personal brand to the next level!

Dan Goldin Headshot
The Honorable Daniel S Goldin

Longest Tenured NASA Administrator

Branding powerhouse and rockstar, Laura Bull has written a book that is thoughtful and honest on how modern personal branding works. This is a practical blueprint on how anyone can build a personal brand that impacts, influences and touches more lives.


Shawn Achor
NYTimes Bestselling Author of 

The Happiness Advantage

With small steps, big changes can occur.  In this book, Laura shows you how to step by step cultivate and articulate not only a successful personal brand but an authentic and powerful one.

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